Marketing Your Premium Public WordPress Theme

You probably know that WordPress is quickly becoming one of the most popular web platforms. Web site owners can choose whether they want a custom theme, built solely for the purpose of their business (pleasure), or choose one from wide array of public premium WordPress themes, which can be modified to suite many needs.

The difference when creating these two is huge. There’s no way you could know for sure who your buyers will be and what features in a theme they’d be looking for when you design for the public.

If you know marketing but just started with marketing WordPress products then this is a totally different situation. Doing things in the right order is crucial. Knowing current design trends, developing features that most people want and marketing your premium WordPress themes the right way is something that constantly changes.

Since we at ThematoSoup are just starting to dig deeper into the subject at hand, we decided to share every little grain of knowledge we’d come across. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable good communication and sharing ideas is.

My job, as an SEO and social media guy, is to investigate the large market of premium WordPress themes and find ways of promoting our brand – ThematoSoup.

I’ll keep you up to date with all the ideas that come up to my mind, but for now you should know there are three basic ways of promoting your Premium WordPress Theme:

  • Submit your “less premium” WP theme in the theme directory as a free download. You may get a lot of good feedback and see if you doing it right.
  • Submit and sell your WordPress themes through one of the popular theme marketplace sites, such as ThemeForest.
  • Promote, sell or give for free your themes through your own website. Good WordPress products go a long way, so you’ll definitely get noticed if you offer freebies, free icon sets and other quality WordPress products.

I’ll be covering this and many other topics on how to promote and sell your WordPress premium themes in my future posts, so stay tuned. If you have any suggestions or you’re starting up, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and get in touch.

Dragan Nikolic

Dragan Nikolic

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WordPress and SEO is what I love working on. When I'm not doing website audits, I write about WordPress and manage WordPress projects. Feel free to connect with me.
Dragan Nikolic
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  1. A great place to promote your WordPress theme is at! You can submit your theme for free to their directory. Add a screenshot of the homepage, include details and link back to your own website or marketplace. You can even add a banner to circulate throughout their site. Definitely worth looking into! Here’s the submission link:

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