Here are the services I provide:

  • Writing
  • Articles on the topic of WordPress, minimalism, productivity and marketing

  • Organic SEO
  • Website review & optimization

  • Local Search Optimization
  • Optimizing website & local directories

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If you want to know more about what internet marketing involves, read on.

Organic SEO

  • Technical SEO
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • UX – user experience
  • Website speed
  • Social optimization

Technical SEO

  • Titles (important for determining the subject of the page)
  • Meta descriptions (important for user experience when searching)
  • Alt tags (important for Google Image search & SEO in general)
  • Header tags (important for determining content hierarchy)
  • Link-prospects (creating a list of websites that could be interested in what you do)
  • Social signals
  • Keyword analysis & optimization
  • Link redirect audit & fixing broken links
  • 404 error page setup *creating custom design for error page, will ensure users get back on track fast
  • 301 link redirects
  • vocabulary (microformat implementation)
  • Robots.txt (tells search engines which pages to crawl)
  • Sitemaps


  • Readability (ease of comprehension, legibility, reading enjoyment)
  • Learnability (how easy is it for them to learn about products and services)
  • Intuitiveness (easy and intuitive browsing)
  • Efficiency (users performing tasks optimally; making sure design is not causing friction)
  • Preciseness (improving the interface to lower errors and unneeded repetition)
  • Fault Tolerance (fast recovery if a user makes a mistake while browsing; custom 404 pages, sitemaps…)
  • Memorability (ensuring that a second-time visitor spends less time finding same product)
  • Affordance (optimizing interactive elements, buttons, links, so they tell user exactly what they do)


  • Cross browser/Cross-platform compatibility (ensuring that the website works in as many browsing situations as possible responsive, flexibly changing the layout depending on how the user views it)
  • Semantic HTML Markup for those who use assistive technologies like a screen reader, the quality and accuracy of the webpage’s structure,, SEO, local search optimization
  • Color choice (contrast and matching colors)

User experience (UX)

  • Fulfillment (users find what they want)
  • Usefulness (users obtain value from using the website)
  • Enjoyment (browsing website is fun)

Site navigation

  • Information architecture (IA) (webpage categorization and organization, navigational features)
  • Findability (sufficient site features such as search boxes, archive pages, links and navigation features that aid in finding relevant webpages)
  • Efficiency of navigation (getting to pages of interest fast)

Website speed

  • Response time
  • Webpage size
  • Code quality
  • Performance best practices

Ongoing Tasks

  • Link building
  • Monitoring Webmaster tools for possible improvements & errors
  • Copywriting
  • Monthly reporting via Google Analytics
  • Monthly traffic/conversion rates
  • Website usability analysis